Photos by Guido Mencari

Little Red Riding Hood

 Performance tout public recommended for ages 5 and up

With Gianluca Gabriele, Amalia Ruocco, Enrica Zampetti/Daria Menichetti
Narration voice Luana Gramegna
Direction, dramaturgy, choreography Luana Gramegna
Scenes, costumes and masks Francesco Givone
Lighting design Francesco Givone and Valeria Foti
Sound design and original music Stefano Ciardi
Assistant director, dramaturgy, choreography Daria Menichetti
Artistic collaboration for scenes, costumes and masks
Alessia Castellano, Gisella Butera
Artistic consulting Enrica Zampetti
Technical direction Alberto Bartolini - Officina Teatro
Management and distribution Sofia Gangi - Theatron 2. 0

Production Zaches Teatro
With the support of Regione Toscana
In collaboration with Giallo Mare Minimal Teatro,
Fondazione Sipario Toscana Onlus-La Città del Teatro,
Teatro Fonderia Leopolda di Follonica

Little Red Riding Hood! - A voice echoes in the silence...

And the image of the little girl with the red cape over her shoulders immediately surfaces in the imagination.
Probably the most famous version, the nineteenth-century Grimm version, comes to mind, but few know the variants predating even Perrault, the popular and oral ones that Yvonne Verdier collects in her essay The Needle and the Pin.

In all versions Little Red Riding Hood inevitably wanders away from the protective sphere of her mother's womb and finds herself alone in the woods.
A place of mystery and fascination, of temptation and transgression, the forest both hides and reveals, and that is precisely why it allows disobedience: far from their mother's guarding eyes, transgressing children face dangers and risks, namely their own fears. Naivety and innocence must be, at least in part, abandoned in order to succeed in the complex and hostile world of adults.
And, like adults, Little Red Riding Hood also faces the universal questions, "Where are you going?", "Which way will you take?", "Who is here?"

 Dance, puppetry and original music are the delicate tools through which to tell the story.