Zaches Teatro is a theater and dance company founded in Florence in 2007.
Since 2010 it has been supported by the Region of Tuscany from which it receives its annual contribution. It has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture for the three-year period 2015/2017 as a Dance Company and from 2021 as a Figure and Image Theater Production Company.

The group includes Luana Gramegna (choreographer, director, playwright, trainer), Francesco Givone (scenographer, mask and light designer, teacher of makeup, theatrical mask and set design), Stefano Ciardi (composer, musician and sound designer), Enrica Zampetti (performer, trainer and project manager), Gianluca Gabriele (performer, musician, trainer).

The heterogeneity of skills makes it possible to create a compact and transversal creative group, in which everyone is called upon to make specific contributions in constant dialogue with the others. Since its foundation, Zaches Teatro has been interested in investigating the combination of different artistic languages: contemporary dance, the expressive means of figure theater, the use of the mask, vocal experimentation, and the relationship between plastic movements and live electronic music/sound.

Voted to the pursuit of formal and expressive refinement based on the equal dramaturgical care of image, sound, text and movement, the company aspires to co(m)move the viewer within the world that is created from time to time. Through the active emotional participation of those who attend the performance, we claim to make them present to what they experience and, subsequently, to prompt them to reflect, to criticize, that is, to distill a personal Meaning.

The spectator is one of the essential elements of the theatrical ritual, without which the performance itself does not exist. It is the spectator, therefore, who gives meaning to what happens on the stage, without it telling him what to think.

Zaches Teatro tackles current events by subtracting its evidence and leaving its universal metaphor on the stage: a form of artistic resistance based on the construction of a carefully crafted beauty that laboriously seeks simplicity by removing the superfluous bit by bit.

Alongside the production activity, Zaches Teatro carries out training and specialization courses for performing arts professionals in the different areas of production, according to the specificities and skills of the various members of the Company. We design and conduct workshops aimed at students and teachers of schools of all levels.

The Company's shows are often accompanied by pre-viewing workshops, aimed primarily at schools and family audiences, in which both the content and specific languages of each show are addressed.




Supported by: 

ARTBONUS | MIC General Directorate of Performing Arts | Tuscany Region