The allure of idiocy

Best Play at TeatarFest Sarajevo 2010

Balance Prize Finalist Rome 2009 Auditorium Parco della Musica (RM)

EXPLO Antibodies Young Author Dance circuit 2009/2010

Finalist atAICC 2010 - Aahrus International Choreography Competition, Denmark

With Andrea Lorena Cianchetta, Martina Garbelli, Enrica Zampetti
voice Enrica Zampetti

Direction, choreography and sound dramaturgy Luana Gramegna
scenes, masks and lighting Francesco Givone
original music, video and live electronics Stefano Ciardi

a production Zaches Teatro 2009/2010
co-production Kilowatt festival 2009 - Eruzioni Festival 2009
residencies Teatro Studio (Scandicci,FI), CRT Milan, Teatro Comunale G. Papini (Pieve Santo Stefano, AR), I Macelli (Certaldo, FI)

What is it about Goya's black paintings that is striking?
What sticks in the mind by distancing oneself from it?
What flavor lingers in the mouth?

First stage of the Diptych of the Vision, a larger project on the pictorial work of three different artists that investigates the act of seeing as a synaesthetic and articulated form of perception.

Vision is not something concrete and uniquely transmissible, it is communicable according to a determinate construction, but it is perceptible only through personal logical connections and subjective translations of each person, that is, through sensations, synthesis of sentient and felt. The possibility of understanding is thus given to us by the senses and not by the intellect. He who indulges in vision is a witness who is unable to recount what he has seen. Vision is something that happens and cannot be re-narrated; it is present and absent at the same time.

The Charm of Idiocy is an investigation of the atmospheres that inhabit Goya's Black Paintings, restored to the stage through light, sound and movement. A work on perception constrained by the impairment of the senses. Bodies are granted to the gaze by subtraction, wrested from darkness, silence and stillness. The fascination for Goya and the Black Paintings is the fascination for idiocy in its etymological meaning: vision of the world as a private universe, elusive and misunderstood, considered outside normality, sociality, idiotic. One has to get used to the darkness to see deeper and sense presences that cannot be grasped at a first glance. This darkness has a sound.

They are Sound Paintings painted by a deaf idiot.