Sibylla's Tales

Performance tout public for ages 5 and up
For theatrical, natural and unconventional spaces

Direction and dramaturgy Luana Gramegna
Scenes, costumes, lights, puppets Francesco Givone
Original music and soundscape Stefano Ciardi
Actress and project curator Enrica Zampetti
Assistant director, sound and lighting technician Gianluca Gabriele
Assistant scenes, costumes and puppets Alessia Castellano
Costume making Giulia Piccioli
Video operator Sergio Licatalosi

Production Zaches Teatro and Straligut Teatro

with the support of the Tuscany Region

Winner show of
by Spazio Rossellini
Multidisciplinary Cultural Pole of the Lazio Region
ATCL - Lazio

Sibylla Tales is a performance intended for very different audiences in terms of age and education, related to the motif of the forest as a place within which one gets lost in fear and courageously goes in search of oneself.

The viewer observes the action at the edge of a mysterious and evocative stage space to follow a bizarre researcher in her work, inspired by the figure of the passionate naturalist, adventurer and painter Marie Sibylla Merian.

Armed with tweezers and flashlight, Sibylla investigates, studies and catalogs insects, plants, presences that she finds in the forest and through which she brings to life fairy tales of long tradition that are interwoven with her own personal experience. Thanks to the imaginative power of figure theater (shadows, puppets, puppets) and an evocative vocal and sound universe, the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood giving space to the archetypal and symbolic reverberation that the story holds.

The show is designed to adapt to very different spaces, such as small theater spaces, outdoor stages and natural non-urban spaces.

It was built with reclaimed materials and has low energy consumption being created with LED lights integrated with the stage space. The electrical load required is 3 KW.

artist, scientist and adventurer

Maria Sibylla Merian was born in Germany in 1647 with big curious eyes. She devoted her entire life to observing, studying, drawing and painting every species of plants, flowers, leaves and insects. But it was her passion for the marvelous metamorphosis of caterpillars into butterflies that took her to distant lands, across the ocean, all the way into the Amazon rainforest, where she discovered as yet unknown plants and caterpillars and butterflies that had never before been studied, painted and catalogued.

We like to think that it was during these travels of his in the recesses of the most remote woods and forests on the planet that he discovered, hidden under the leaves, traces of numerous fairy tales.


Sibylla Tales was born during Covid to continue to keep alive the relationship with school audiences who were following the show in live streaming directly on classroom interactive whiteboards.

It is an environmentally friendly show and built with reclaimed materials.

Due to its nature and the content it conveys, it can be proposed within pathways on environmental sustainability. Accompanying the show are pre-viewing paths, meetings with the artists post-viewing live or online, as well as video contributions to support the educational activity.

In addition to the live version, the streaming for classes that do not have the opportunity to travel to the theater.